четверг, 12 марта 2009 г.

The Goddesses.

Enchanting, wise, kind, thoughtful and beautiful,
Dangerous in their wrath, but still very merciful…
For them in myths and paintings you should seek.
There about their mighty powers the goddesses speak.

The goddesses create wonderful worlds’ foundations.
They are worshiped by small tribes and entire nations.
Their will all elements and natural phenomena obey.
Over people’s fates the goddesses easily hold sway.

Thanks to them people, plants and animals now thrive.
To our wonderful world skilful goddesses gave life.
Heia, Hosedem, Ninmach, Idzanami and Thiamat –
Everything around you because of them came pat.

Poets, sculptors and painters the goddesses inspire,
Devoting masterpieces to them these people desire.
In the corners of our hearts is hidden their vitality.
By our love the goddesses have obtained immortality.

Dear women, the goddesses of the real world!
Speaking for all men on the Earth I will make bold:
Thank you for helping us worlds of families to create
And for new generations to sunshine opening the gate!

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