суббота, 16 августа 2014 г.

Democracy through My Eyes.

Democracy is the power of people’s actions,
When they engage in transparent interactions.
This is fruitful collaboration based on trust,
Where there is no place for hatred and disgust.

Democracy is the bottom-up approach and way
To achieve shared prosperity, I would like to say.
This is the opportunity for all people to express
Their ideas and thoughts without any fear or stress.

Democracy is when people have the right to say
About their concerns everywhere and every day.
This is the organized freedom of actions and words
That can be sharper than thousands of swords.

Democracy is when different people together unite
And live side by side without conflicts and fight.
This is when all differences are respected by all.
In fact, that is the democracy’s ultimate goal.

Democracy is the “power of people” we all possess
And try to promote and share. Nevertheless,
This is something we still need to learn to use
And apply in our governance without abuse.

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