воскресенье, 30 декабря 2012 г.

The Year of the Snake.

Here comes the Year of the Snake.
It has risen from slumber. It is now awake.
It crawls to take the Dragon’s place
And the year’s symbol role to embrace.

Wise and cunning, quick and strong
The Snake will be with you all year long.
It will help you go beyond your fears
And take care of your beloved dears.

The Snake is the one to help you overcome
The challenges, if they dare to come.
And it will do it, here I should say,
In a fast, efficient and graceful way.

This is the Year of the Snake
With new opportunities for you to take,
With new friends, all kind and bold,
And new adventures all over the World!

So, Happy New Year, I say to you
And wish all your dreams to come true,
For you to go the path you chose to take
So freely as the graceful Snake!