понедельник, 29 декабря 2008 г.

The Year of the Bull.

You hear the tramp of the muscular feet;
You smell its breath and feel its heat;
Its massive horns are shining… In fine,
It is almost here – the year 2009.

Welcome to the Year of the mighty Bull!
Definitely, it will be great and pretty full
Of huge achievements and realizations
For every country and each of the nations.

Next year we will become much stronger
And more powerful. Thus, our hunger
For great success will be well appeased,
And then we will be happy and pleased.

To conclude, I sincerely wish you all
To rise higher and never surrender and fall,
To feel true love of your faithful dear!
My good friends, Happy New Year!

To AIESEC members:

And for AIESEC-ers I have a special wish:
To never get involved in any skirmish,
To join our forces and do more than we can,
And to succeed in AIESEC 2010!