четверг, 8 марта 2012 г.

Revive the Fairy Tale!

The knights are gone. The kings retired.
There are no mighty dragons spitting fire.
The castles hide no priceless treasures;
Now they serve only for touristic pleasures.

The dwarves and fairies are seen no more.
The wizards don’t share their magical lore.
And all the beasts, both strong and weak,
Decided in human language not to speak.

No point in searching for the unicorns,
For elves, and mages, and leprechauns.
Yes, all your attempts will surely fail,
‘Cause now their home is a fairy tale.

They’re in fairy tales; they have not gone.
And every generation is really prone
To ensuring that the fairy tales are retold.
So, why not let them enrich your world?

You can find a horse that’s shining white
And offer your Lady an unforgettable ride
Or bring a royal coach to your beloved.
Be smart, creative, quick-witted, bold!

You have your Princess – become her Prince
And create a castle of her wildest dreams,
Make magic happen for your girlfriend / wife!
Revive the fairy tale in your common life!

So, dear Princess… or perhaps dear Queen,
I wish you to be always perceived and seen
As a fairy tale hero in someone special’s eyes,
And that he makes your life a paradise!

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