суббота, 8 марта 2014 г.


My dear Amazing Ladies around the World,
About you I have written many words of pure gold.
I have described how strong and persistent you are
In overcoming challenges and obstacles and going far.

I have admired your kind spirit and power within.
I have described how you resist all bad and mean,
How you inspire and lead from behind the curtain.
Each of you is a Lady the Leader. This is certain.

However, this time I want to change the topic a bit.
With something different I would like to proceed:
Instead of describing your great leadership ability,
I would like to talk now about your vulnerability.

You, Astonishing Ladies, are vulnerable indeed.
After your hard work much care and love you need.
Seeking attention of men is your natural state.
A handsome prince on a white stallion you await.

But there is nothing bad or wrong in what I describe.
In fact, this is how you captivate men and thrive.
This is why you are successful in attracting attention
And truly deserve all the care, love and appreciation.

It is because vulnerability is the strength you possess.
By balancing it with inner power you achieve success.
Through pain of childbirth you give future to mankind,
And then in hugging your child true happiness you find.

And we, men, should be grateful for your vulnerability,
Because it really gives us the one-of-a-kind possibility
To complement you and bring happiness to your lives,
And care for you as our friends, girlfriends and wives.

My dear Amazing Ladies,
I hope you’re not angry for talking about you like that.
I do it, because I admire and care for you. And in fact,
I want to wish you to enjoy fully your vulnerability
And be cared and loved for this unique ability.

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