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The Story of AIESEC.

This is a humorous hymn briefly describing the history of the global non-government organization of young people AIESEC. It is based on the song "Ma Baker" by the group "Boney M".

FREEZE! We’re from AIESEC!
Clap your hands in the air and give us all you’ve got!

This is the story of AIESEC: how it rose in the time of downgrade and became the international organization of students…

It was the time of ruin,
Where evil chaos ruled,
When the flame of war
At last had shrunk and cooled…
There was no hope at all.
No-no-no hope at all.

There was a need of force
To lead the world to light.
It was the primal cause
For seven guys to fight.
And they went then along
‘Cause they were brave and strong.

He-he-he-he… Hey, AIESEC! You were created by them.
He-he-he-he… Hey, AIESEC! A precious small gem.
He-he-he-he… Hey, AIESEC! Your future is near.
He-he-he-he… Hey, AIESEC! You’ve breached the frontiers!

AIESEC began to grow
Heading right all the way,
Involving many states
And even the USA.
There were so many goals.
Quite many, many goals.

He-he-he-he… Hey, AIESEC! You’ve risen to light.
He-he-he-he… Hey, AIESEC! Your shining is bright.
He-he-he-he… Hey, AIESEC! You’re attractive to all.
He-he-he-he… Hey, AIESEC! You had the growth and the falls!

Then AIESEC went on-line
And made a nice Insight,
Where all the students can
Exchange all day and night:
Go whether here or there…
Ah, simply everywhere!

"Here is a special bulletin.
AIESEC is the international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential. Its representatives can be found almost in every country. We have all the information about the organization, so, please, contact the nearest AIESEC committee…"

Let’s everybody move! AIESEC is here to change our lives!

So, nowadays
It covers all the world.
It has so many ways
To reach the global goals.
AIESEC conducts Exchange
And helps society change.

The status of consultant
In the UN we have.
Without any doubt
Our great work we love.
And our AIESEC tends
To make a lot of friends.

He-he-he-he… Hey, AIESEC! You strive for the best.
He-he-he-he… Hey, AIESEC! You’re any country’s a zest.
He-he-he-he… Hey, AIESEC! You never go down.
He-he-he-he… Hey, AIESEC! You’re always around!

He-he-he-he… Hey, AIESEC! We respond now: What’s up?!
He-he-he-he… Hey, AIESEC! We always go up!
He-he-he-he… Hey, AIESEC! We are a good few!
He-he-he-he… Hey, AIESEC! And we’re waiting for YOU!!!

The singing of the song by the author is available to download HERE (for AIESEC members only).
The video materials describing the history of the organization AIESEC can be viewed HERE and HERE.

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