среда, 27 мая 2009 г.

At the Dolphinarium.

Welcome, my friend, to the dolphinarium!
Here, in the huge and clean aquarium,
You will meet some very clever creatures
With a lot of distinguishing features.

This is like a beautiful and enchanting play,
And it is getting better almost every day.
And actors here are simply very good guys,
They are dolphins, they are clever and wise.

Dolphins, they are so beautiful and strong!
They can have fun and play all day long,
They are so wonderful, good and nice,
That every day with them is a surprise!

Oh, those dolphins, they’re so quite!
They don’t speak, but they’re not mute:
They are whistling and chirping all the day
And chattering even during the play.

Stop and look, my friend, how they can run
On their strong tails, and have lots of fun
Watching their own magnificent show,
And applaud, sitting in the very front row.

We are all like under a wonderful spell,
When they act so nice, so great, so well
In their own large swimming pool.
Oh, that’s great! That is really cool!

They can do lots of tricks with the ball:
They can play tennis, football, basketball.
They can spin a hoop or throw a dish,
And receive for that a bucket full of fish.

Dolphins, they are Masters of the Sea!
And I really consider all of them to be
Even smarter and more clever than a man,
And even wiser! So, I’m a dolphins’ fan!

Dolphin is considered an excellent healer,
But Orcinus orca – a strong and fearless killer.
They are all different, each one has his own way
To live and to survive every other day.

But be he Stenella, or be he Tursiops,
Or a small Feresa, or simply Delphinus,
He is a dolphin, a good and mysterious beast,
Water is his home, and shoals are his feast.

But it is time to leave this wonderful place.
The show is now over, and my face
Expresses sadness, because I say farewell
To my friends, for how long, I cannot tell.

But I promise myself that I will come back,
Because without dolphins it will be a rack!
I will meet them again to increase my vitality,
And to save them from the human bruitality!

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