среда, 8 марта 2017 г.

Oh, Lady!

Oh, Lady!
You’re eternal symbol of inspiration and delight,
Causing admiration from the very first sight,
Acting as a muse for all kinds of poetry and art,
Including this short poem. So, let’s start!

Oh, Lady!
You’re shining bright like a supernova star,
Spreading rays of enchanting beauty from afar,
Igniting hearts with burning flames of love,
And bringing peace and harmony as a dove.

Oh, Lady!
You’re the best friend and partner one can find,
Having caring heart and wise and open mind,
Giving everything you’ve got without regret,
And sharing your soul with the dear ones, I bet.

Oh, Lady!
You’re the reason behind everything that’s good:
Behind love, romance, happiness… It’s so good
That you are present in this very diverse world,
Making it much more beautiful than all the gold!

Oh, Lady!
I wish you to be happy and continue shining bright,
To always find a way through darkness to light,
To enjoy every single moment like a superstar,
And to be admired as a Lady, who you are!

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