суббота, 21 марта 2015 г.

I Love You!

I love you, Darling!
I love you much!
I love the feeling,
When your hair I touch.

I love your nose.
I love your eyes.
I love to look
In your windows to paradise.

I love your lips.
I love your cheeks.
I love your cute mouth,
When my lips it seeks.

I love your smile.
I love your face.
I love your figure
Full of tender grace.

I love your hands.
I love your feet.
I love your breasts
So tender and sweet.

I love your body.
I love your mind.
I love all surprises
In you that I can find.

I love your soul.
I love your heart.
I love the light within,
Which is your essential part.

I love your voice.
I love your moves.
I love your posture
That every day you choose.

I love you in slumber.
I love when you are awake.
I love when you work
Or decide to take a break.

I love you when we’re together.
I love you when we’re away.
I love you when we make love
Or just in silence we stay.

I love when you are silent.
I love when you speak.
I love you both strong
And when you are weak.

I love you the whole day.
I love you during the night.
I love you each time,
When you are in my sight.

I love you, my Darling!
I love you so much!
And I will love you forever,
As we are the perfect match!

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