вторник, 8 марта 2011 г.

Let Me Give You the Whole World!

Let me take you to the sky!
Let us rise now and fly high!
There I’ll catch for you a star
So warm and shining, as you are.

Let me take you to the jungle
Full of kiwi, bananas, mango!
I’ll give them all to you, my miss.
They’re so sweet, as your kiss.

Let me take you to oasis
That stands still as it’s in stasis!
Take it with the longest river Nile!
It is so desirable, as your smile.

Let me take you to the ocean
That is constantly in motion!
Enjoy its vast, one of a kind,
So rich and deep, as your mind.

Let me take you to the mountains,
To the geysers and the fountains!
It is there, in rock and stone,
I have made for you a throne.

Let me give you the whole World
In a package wrapped in gold,
That is made of care and love,
And delivered by a dove!

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