пятница, 27 марта 2009 г.

The Unforgettable Word.

What is the difference between people
And animals throughout the world?
What are the hopes and fears of people,
And life which is no more?

What is this horrible disease,
From which we cannot be cured?
What is the absence of our peace,
And sufferings all over the world?

What are the fields of dead
Where even the rats cannot exist?
What is the joy of Death,
And the shrouding of evil mist?

What is the Book of World,
Of History with empty pages?
What is the sword with blood,
And evil without measure?

What is the pain of Nature,
The bloody wound in its heart,
Annoying sufferings duration,
And the dust of the dead in its lungs?

What are the tears of all the people,
And loud cry all over the world,
The death of animals and Nature,
And the hearts’ biting cold?

What is this word of evil core?
What is the flight of people’s spirits?
What is this chaos of dark thoughts?
The WAR is our menace!

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